All Eyes on … Cathy Goodman!

Name: Cathy Goodman

Title:  Senior Processing Specialist

How long have you been with AE Wealth Management?
3 years in March. I joined right at the beginning!

What made you decide to join AEWM?
I was ready for a change.

Tell me about your role, department and what they do? 
I am on the processing team- we review paperwork and send it on to the custodians.

What’s your favorite book & why? 
I don’t have a favorite book- but I do enjoy reading!

Are you a mountain person, beach person or somewhere else for your ideal vacation? 
Mountain or beach. I love skiing, but I also enjoy relaxing on the beach.

What chore do you hate the most & why? 
Washing dishes…they just keep coming.

On a road trip – what’s your go to snack? 
Whatever is handy when hunger strikes

What would a “perfect day” look like for you? 
A day spent hanging out with my family.


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