All Eyes On … Ben Sullivan!

Name: Ben Sullivan
Title: Advisor Model Analyst
How long have you been with AE Wealth Management?
18 months
What made you decide to join AEWM? 
Their heavy involvement in the community and their investment in the growth of their employees’ careers.
Tell me about your role, department and what they do? 
I work as a model analyst in the Trading Department of AE Wealth Management. We are the intermediary between the advisor’s and trading accounts though Sawtooth and the custodians. I assist advisors in the setup, maintenance and rebalancing of their own models. We offer great products through Sterling Capital but sometimes advisors choose to create their own portfolios to meet client’s needs in their demographic and retirement type and I provide the capability and flexibility for them to do that.
What’s your go-to karaoke song? 
Well I’m an awful singer but I suppose if I had to just go all out I’d select “Piano Man” by Billy Joel
What’s your ideal dream vacation? 
Definitely fly fishing somewhere in the mountains where my cell phone doesn’t work.
What chore do you hate the most & why? 
Laundry. It never ends and it’s always the same.
On a road trip – what’s your go to snack? 
Probably sunflower seeds.
What’s something that’s over rated that everyone loves? 
Red Lobster Cheddar Biscuits
What’s a skill few people know you have? 
I like to think I’m an excellent whistler.
At AE Wealth we talk a lot about what someone’s “Perfect Day” looks like. Tell us about your perfect day?
Oh wake up and eat a massive breakfast (best meal of the day). Go outside and do some fly fishing followed by a nap and a walk with my dog. Finish with a steak on the smoker surrounded by good company. Nothing fancy.

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