Advisors: You’re Never Too Big to Stop Marketing

Tips independent advisors can use to incorporate marketing into their practice management routines.

Article by Chris Radford, President of AE Wealth Management, featured on

“I have all the clients I need, so I don’t need to do marketing.”

For independent advisors, I believe this is a very self-destructive statement. And, something I hear a lot.

A financial advisory practice is a business and you have to make sure you can handle growth in a scalable manner, but just because your practice has just the right number of clients now doesn’t mean you can write off marketing. All businesses will experience some level of client attrition, so even if you don’t feel the need to search for new clients now, you still have to continually demonstrate the knowledge and value you can provide so you can weather those times.

Marketing Is the Answer

Marketing takes time, and if you stop when times are good your firm may not be prepared when you experience these lean times.

Click here for marketing tips independent advisors can incorporate into their practice management routines and workflows to help retain clients and build a lead pipeline. 


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